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Crystal Pool Brush, Heavy Duty /Quality / Lifetime Guarantee, Modern Att

Crystal Pool Brush - Heavy Duty Quality Lifetime Guarantee - Modern Attractive Design - Stainless Steel Strong Metal Pool Broom - Easy Push - No Drag Slimline Scrubber - Super Rigid Algae Remover - Molded Bristles - Optimal Bristle Strength Lifts Dirt Hard Wearing Kind on All Pools Types.
IT'S INCREDIBLE THAT WE CAN OFFER THESE QUALITY POOL BRUSHES WITH A 100% LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE! Cleaning Pools! Just one of those jobs you'd rather do quickly! The secret to having more Free Time is using the right tool for the job! Introducing CJ Lifestyles Crystal Pool Brush. -Light, Easy Glide Frame offers minimal resistance through the water. Light enough to manoeuvre quickly.-Turned Ends for easy manoeuvrability and corner access.-Ideal Bristle Flex! Will not mark your Pool while maintaining a strong stroke.-Strong Metal Handle allows a positive attachment to your pole.-This is one strong, well performing Pool Brush.-Moulded Plastic holds Bristles in place permanently. NO BACKBREAKING GARDEN CHORES FOR ME! - OURS IS NOW THE SHOW PLACE OF THE NEIGHBOURHOOD! CJ Lifestyle equips professionals and households with their highly functional, strong, lightweight and modernly attractive Pool Brush. As a family owned business, we ensure to offer quality products and use only established, professional manufacturers. Competitor's brushes are either highly priced or cheap products that don't stand the test of time. CJ Lifestyle are proud to offer you strong quality materials put together in an attractive brush package. -Super Strong Heat Treated alloy for Maximum Frame and Handle Durability.-Super Hardened Plastic. Brush will not break.-Smooth modern profile. Turned corners and optimal Bristles strength to protect your pool.-Ideal 19" Brush Length, 1.5" Bristle size. Fits US pole size 1¼". Pole not included. Peace of Mind! Our gift to You- 100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. Don't Delay! This price is for a Limited Time Only! Claim your quality pool brush by clicking on the "Add to Cart" button at the top of the page. Your product will be despatched immediately.
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Peak Products Solar Pool Ionizer, Kills Algae Using 85% Less Chlorine, 1

Peak Products Solar Pool Ionizer - Kills Algae Using 85% Less Chlorine - 100% Natural - Keeps Water Crystal Clear - Treats pools up to 35 - 000 Gallons And Includes Free Extra Copper Core' for ASIN
The Future Of Clean, Solar Power Is Here It has taken a while, but we are finally turning a new leaf in the realm of how we get our energy and how we take measures to protect our earth. In an effort to help on this quest to better our future, Peak Products created a solar powered pool ionizer. The Peak Products Solar Powered Chemical-Free Pool Cleaner functions as a water purifier, keeping your water crystal clear for pools and hot tubs up to 35,000 gallons. This automatic pool cleaner uses solar technology to produce electrical current, needed to ionize copper electrodes. The copper ions help govern the growth of algae and other microorganisms. This product is completely safe. It isn't harmful to handle or swim with. The unit floats in the pool and produces copper ions, while being exposed to sunlight. Within about a day, the product efficiently regulates copper ion level for pool water. This product makes maintenance incredibly easy, cutting back on time, energy, and money. It is important to note that your pool will still need chlorine and chemicals, but the amount needed is roughly 85 percent less than without use of this pool cleaner for in ground and above ground pools.The copper electrode will last for approximately two years, helping to dramatically reduce your chlorine use and reducing the risk of chemical imbalances and bacterial growth. Purchase Comes With: A floating, solar paneled pool ionizer Two copper coils A cleaning brush for the filter 30 copper test strips Measurements: Weight: ~ 2 lbs Size: 9.4 in x 9 in x 6.3 in Customer Satisfaction If you experience any problems with your product or simply don't like it, return it within 60 days of purchase and you will receive a full refund.
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Pool Silt Net - ProTuff 100% Forever Guarantee - Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Si

Pool Silt Net - ProTuff 100% Forever Guarantee - Heavy Duty Fine Mesh Silt & Sand Swimming Pool Skimmer Cleans Above Ground or Inground Faster than Vacuum - Nearly 18 inch Leaf Rake Bag (17 Inch)
POLE *NOT* INCLUDED BUT MOST ARE COMPATIBLEYou'll need a pool pole with 1 1/8" inner diameter (standard size) & holes to attach via butterfly/v-clip (also pretty standard)MEDIUM DRAG FINE MESH POOL BAG MAKES THE JOB FAST & EASYOur fine mesh swimming pool debris catcher grabs tiny particles & insects from the swimming pool bottom & surface, but the tight weave will "push" the water, meaning more muscle strain for you AND more difficulty catching large debris like leaves. Using our medium mesh net first to grab everything except silt & sand results in less physical strain for you & less stress on your silt rake.STURDY FINE MESH POOL NET RESISTS TEARINGAlthough not as strong as our heavy duty black nylon leaf net, it is designed to resist tearing as much as possible. It is still recommended to use our medium mesh nylon pool rake first, then follow with the silt rake.ROCK SOLID ALUMINUM ALLOY FRAME & PROTECTIVE PLASTIC COATINGAn aluminum frame pool leaf catcher is slightly heavier than plastic, but handles more weight. So, you empty the net less frequently, meaning less time using pool cleaning equipment. It costs more, but you get what you pay for.STRAIGHT EDGES SAFELY SCRAPE POOL SIDES & BOTTOMCurved sides won't scrape debris from the pool-side very well. Straight sides ride flush against the pool-side to remove stuck on leaves.AVERAGE "MOUTH" SIZE GRABS PLENTY OF DEBRIS BUT WON'T BREAK YOUR BACKNarrow mouth frames cover less area. Wider mouths collect more debris, but are heavier to lift from the pool. Use a 24" if you're strong, have a large pool & want to finish the job in a hurry. Use a 14", 16" if you have a really small pool. 18" or 20" is a happy medium.Buy Now & NEVER Buy Another Pool Rake - We Guarantee It!
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DryTec 1-1901 Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating Shock Treatment for Swim

DryTec 1-1901 Calcium Hypochlorite Chlorinating Shock Treatment for Swimming Pools - 1-Pound
HOW TO USE: Use entire contents of bag when opened. If any granules settle to the bottom of the pool use brush to disperse. Add the recommended dosage of this product during evening hours while the filter pump is running. When adding this product to your pool, broadcast the product evenly over a wide area in the deepest part of the pool. If any granules settle to the bottom of the pool use brush to disperse. WATER BALANCE: For best product performance, swimmer comfort, and crystal clear water: Maintain pH in the range of 7.2 to 7.6. Maintain total alkalinity in the range of 60 to 120 parts per million (ppm). Maintain calcium hardness above 200 ppm. Use a reliable test kit that measures all these ranges. Use our pool care products to make adjustments. Follow label directions for each product. Do not enter pool until the free available chlorine residual is 1-4 ppm for each of the below noted water treatment applications. OPENING YOUR POOL: For best results, see the “WATER BALANCE” section above before treatment. Always adjust and maintain pH in the 7.2 to 7.6 range. Follow “SHOCK TREATMENT” directions on this package. Allow 30 minutes for product to disperse. Test free available chlorine residual with a pool test kit. Repeat treatment as needed. ROUTINE CHLORINATION: For best results, see “WATER BALANCE” section above before treatment. Throughout the pool season, adjust and maintain pH at 7.2 to 7.6. check available chlorine with a suitable test kit. SHOCK TREATMENT/SUPERCHLORINATION: For best results, see “WATER BALANCE” and “HOW TO USE” section above before treatment. Every 7 days, or as necessary to prevent pool problems, shock treat/superchlorinate the pool by adding one bag of this product per 10,000 gallons of water to provide 5 to 10 ppm available chlorine. Additional shock treatments may be required to correct problems which are caused by visible algae, high bathing loads, heavy wind and rainstorms. Additional shock treatments may also be required to correct problems such as unpleasant odors and eye irritation. Check the available chlorine with a suitable test kit. STORAGE AND DISPOSAL: Keep this product dry in its tightly closed container when not in use. Store in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area. Keep away from heat or open flame. Nonrefillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container. Rinse empty container thoroughly with water to dissolve all material prior to disposal. Offer for recycling if available. Do not contaminate food or feed by storage or disposal or cleaning of equipment.
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SharkBlu Pool Net Skimmer Replacement for Telescopic Pool Pole, Fine Mes

SharkBlu Pool Net Skimmer Replacement for Telescopic Pool Pole - Fine Mesh for Cleaning Swimming Pool Supplies - Blue
Are leaves a constant nuisance in your pool? Keep your water debris-free with this heavy duty skimmer, featuring micro mesh that grabs leaves, algae, insects & more. With the SharkBlu HD Pool Skimmer, cleaning your pool has never been simpler! This high quality tool lets you extend the usage and efficiency of your pool's filter by removing leaves, grass, bugs & other types of floating debris-BEFORE it sinks to the bottom! It's equipped with a durable, ultra-fine mesh net that grabs even the smallest debris with one quick pass. Clean your entire in-ground or above ground pool in minutes (just in time for guests to arrive). Have you had to duct-tape your other skimmers after they broke under the weight of the leaves you just scooped up? Not ours! The SharkBlu HD Pool Skimmer features an extra-thick frame constructed of rugged plastic-so it stands up to major skimming jobs. Plus, our frame is specially designed to move through the water's surface with ease. That means no more straining your back and arms while you clean. Also great for hot tubs & ponds! Use our skimmer as a hand-held cleaning tool-or attach it to any standard telescopic pole. With our EZ Clip handle, it's so simple (and you won't jam your fingers). Need a pool pole to attach our HD skimmer to? Contact us for a recommendation. • Approx. 15 x 20" • Thick, durable plastic frame • Easy to move through water • Fine mesh captures small debris • Won't damage pool liner • Works with or without pole • Fits most standard poles Click "Add to Cart" to buy now!
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Aquabot Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing Automatic In-Ground Robotic Brush Pool C

Aquabot Breeze IQ Wall-Climbing Automatic In-Ground Robotic Brush Pool Cleaner
The Breeze IQ is a smart Robotic cleaner that uses AquaSmart technology to more efficiently clean most standard pools in under 2 hours. The smart algorithm installed in the brain of the cleaner enables the robot to clean the pool floor, walls and waterline in a more systemized fashion, without wasting time. The Aquabot Breeze IQ has an extra long 60 ft. cable with the patented Aquabot Swivel for a more tangle free cleaner experience. The IQ has EZ to clean top access baskets that can filter down to 2 microns nominal - 2 Year Limited warranty.The Aquabot Advantage: Not all pool cleaners are created equal. Advances in Aquabot robotic technology have enabled us to offer many advantages to antiquated cleaning traditions that can truly make a difference in the quality of your pool experience. At Aqua Products we believe in crystal clear water with fewer chemicals and a healthier clean.
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Aqua Products Mamba Automatic Pool Cleaner

All pools need chemicals to stay clean, but the fewer chemicals your pool needs, the healthier it is for you and your family. Aquabot pool cleaners provide crystal clear water, fewer chemicals and a healthier clean. Aquabot cleaners remove more dirt and debris from surfaces to keep your pool physically cleaner so it needs fewer chemicals. The Mamba suction pool cleaner is designed for all pool sizes and shapes. It works on all sizes of above ground pools and small size in-ground pools. It is effective on tile, vinyl, gunite and fiberglass surfaces. Using the flow created by your filter pump, it can be easily connected to your skimmer vacuum plate to scrub and vacuum your pool and most walls. The dual suction design ensures your pump and filter is never starved for water and helps your equipment last longer. The Mamba cleaner includes a 32-foot hose and a flow regulator. Aqua Products, Inc. is an American born, American based company and its domestic operation proudly produces its leading engineered robotic technologies in the United States. We are dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing and production of a consumer product that allows you to enjoy your pool instead of cleaning it all the time. Aqua Products has a toll-free, USA based Customer Service department at 800-845-4856.
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Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground a

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Robotic Pool Cleaner for Above-Ground and Small In-Ground Pools
The Pool Rover S2-50 features some of the best cleaning value on the market. Faster with more accurate cleaning and top access to filter media. The sleek design allows for maximum maneuvering through your pool and allows you to enjoy your pool more. This cleaner is also equipped with an adjustable axle pin to help maximize coverage and prevent cable tangling. Not all pool cleaners are created equal. Advances in Aquabot robotic technology have enabled us to offer many advantages to antiquated cleaning traditions that can truly make a difference in the quality of your pool experience. At Aquabot we believe in crystal clear water with fewer chemicals and a healthier clean.
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Backyard Recess Porch Swing Hangers Heavy Duty Iron Hanging Hooks | Meta

Backyard Recess Porch Swing Hangers Heavy Duty Iron Hanging Hooks | Metal Front Cedar Wooden Amish Porch Swings
Enjoy the security knowing your porch swing seat chain is connected to iron and steel hanging hook hangers. Will hang: garden winds SueSport Mi Casa Best Choice Products SLH Leigh Country CC Outdoor Living Delahey All Things Cedar LuxCraft Beecham Swing Co Dixie Seating Company Furniture Barn USA A&L Furniture Co polywood international concepts highwood coral coast international caravan jack post jennings kilmer creek cupholders trex garden winds lakeland mills roll back CAF porchtopatio porchgate ecommersify inc DC america A & L Furniture Mission Also hangs 4 5 6 ft (ie. foot ) Black White Red Natural Modern Large Small parts on sale, for rope, hanging hammock chair child swing seat, bed swings, yoga trapeze swings, pool hanger cradle chair suspension hardware kit, and swings such as porch nest cocoon pod sky therapy cuddle and sensory swings. Enjoy your porch swing as you water hose garden plants or with lawn irrigation bamboo stakes globes for watering flowers in your ceiling swivel plant hanger. For added cushion, Backyard Recess hangers work well with springs for a comfortable and cushioned ride Rust - Backyard Recess hanging hooks are coated with DACROMET® for protection against rust.
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Energy Efficient 2 Speed Pump for Above-Ground Swimming Pool 1.5 HP-115V

Energy Efficient 2 Speed Pump for Above-Ground Swimming Pool 1.5 HP-115V
This energy efficient above-ground pool pump has two speeds : low speed for everyday operation and high speed when you vacuum your pool or run other accessories. You can toggle between the two speeds with a switch at the back of the pump. This above-ground pool pump is quiet, efficient and self priming. Its corrosion proof polymer construction will deliver years of reliable service. The transparent lid and large comfortable handle allows for quick inspection of strainer. The strainer includes large, easy to clean basket. The suction and discharge ports are threaded for 1 1/2" fittings and provide excellent water flow to keep your pool water crystal clear. The pump has a convenient drain plug for easy winter maintenance. This 115 volts pump comes with a 6 foot three-prong power cord. It's designed and manufactured to meet all csa and etl requirements.
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