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Rx Clear Mighty Niagara 1.5 HP In-Ground Single Speed Swimming Pool Pump

Rx Clear Mighty Niagara 1.5 HP In-Ground Single Speed Swimming Pool Pump 115V 230V
The mighty force of this pump makes it efficient and an economical choice.Features:2-piece strainer cover with clear portLarge hair and lint basket1½" plumbing connectionsElectrical hook up 115V or 230V, 230V set at Mfg. 7/14 Amps88 GPM at 20 Ft. of headCord not included1 Year Limited WarrantyFlorida & California ResidentsEffective 3/15/12 Florida and California state residents have a new law governing pool pumps and pool pump motors. The new law requires residents that need a new pump or motor, 1 HP or larger, MUST either replace with a 2 speed or have a variable speed motor.DO NOT INSTALL OR OPERATE THIS PUMP UNLESS YOU HAVE READ AND FOLLOW THE OWNER'S MANUAL WHICH IS INCLUDED WITH THIS PUMP. THE OWNER'S MANUAL CONTAINS IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION. FAILURE TO FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS IN THE OWNER'S MANUAL COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS INJURY INCLUDING ELECTRICAL SHOCK AND SUCTION ENTRAPMENT AND EXPOSURE TO PRESSURE FIRE AND BURN HAZARDS. CHILDREN SHOULD BE SUPERVISED TO ENSURE THEY DON'T CLIMB ON THE PUMP.THIS PUMP SHOULD BE INSTALLED AND SERVICED ONLY BY A QUALIFIED PROFESSIONAL. ALL WIRING MUST BE DONE BY A LICENSED ELECTRICIAN TO ENSURE COMPLIANCE WITH ALL STATE AND LOCAL CODES. FAILURE TO WIRE THE PUMP CORRECTLY COULD CAUSE AN ELECTRICAL SHOCK, DAMAGE THE PUMP MOTOR AND VOID THE WARRANTY.
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Hayward SP2307X10 MaxFlo XL 1 HP Pool Pump

Hayward SP2307X10 MaxFlo XL 1 HP Pool Pump
Hayward Max-Flo XL standard efficient single-speed medium head pump includes 1-1/2-inch by 2-inch union connections. Advanced hydraulics and the latest conveniences combined with incredible economy and performance. Aligns with the entire Max-Flo line for seamless retrofit installations. Pressure testable to 50-PSI maximum. Self-priming suction lift up to 8-feet above water level. Strainer cover seals with less than a 1/4 turn. Clear cover to know when the basket needs cleaning. Easy to service with just 4 bolts to remove. Features heavy-duty motor, 115/208-230 voltage and 1-horsepower.
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Hayward SP1580 Power-Flo LX Series 1-Horsepower Pool Pump with Cord and

Hayward SP1580 Power-Flo LX Series 1-Horsepower Pool Pump with Cord and Replacement Lid O-Ring - 2 Item Bundle
This Bundle contains a Hayward PowerFlo LX Economy Above Ground Pool Pump and a Replacement Lid O-Ring. The Hayward PowerFlo LX 1 Horsepower Economy Above Ground Pool Pump with Free Replacement Lid O-Ring offers maximum power and performance at an economical price. Specifically designed for above ground pools, this pool pump features quiet operation and durable, corrosion-proof components that withstand the elements. The completely drip-proof, heat resistant, double-sized seal extends the lifespan of your motor while the high performance impeller provides you with a consistent flow-rate. The transparent strainer cover lets you quickly view how full the pump basket is and when it needs to be cleaned and the convenient drain plug makes maintenance a breeze. In the event your Lid O-Ring needs to be replaced, there's no need to go out to the pool store or to order one online because now a Free Replacement Lid O-Ring is included for your convenience. Designed for use with 1-1/2 inch diameter pool plumbing, includes a 6-foot, 120V Power Cord and can be adjusted from vertical to horizontal discharge to accommodate various pool filters. Size: 1 Horsepower. Pump Model: SP1580, Lid O-Ring Model: SPX1500P.
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In The Swim 1 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 10 lbs.

In The Swim 1 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets 10 lbs.
COMPARE TO BIOGUARD, SUN, GUARDEX and PACE.Powerful 89% available stabilized chlorine. The slowest-dissolving, longest lasting chlorine you can buy. Perfect for floating feeders or almost any automatic chlorinator. Each chlorine tablet weighs 0.5 oz. Dosage: approximately 25 tabs per 10,000 gallons of water each week. 99% Trichloro-S-Triazinetrione.
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JNW Direct 6 in 1 Pool & Spa Test Strips, Best Kit for Accurate Wate

JNW Direct 6 in 1 Pool & Spa Test Strips - Best Kit for Accurate Water Quality Testing for Home Swimming Pools - Hot Tubs and Salt Water - 150 Strip MEGA PACK
Do you want a quick and easy way to properly maintain your pool water so that you can have peace of mind knowing your water is safe and clean to play and have fun in?Introducing the complete water testing kit for your daily needs from JNW Direct. Our pool, spa and hot tub testing kit includes 150 strips and tests for:Total Hardness: Very hard water will turn pool water cloudy and too soft water will cause damage to pool & equipment.Total Chlorine: Having too little chlorine means your pool will be unsanitary, will develop algae and be unsafe for you to swim in.Bromine: Low levels can cause pool to become dirty and unpleasant. High levels causes long term damage to pool & equipment.Free Chlorine: Having too much chlorine causes skin and eye irritation due to it causing pH to rise.pH: Low pH results in skin & eye irritation and a high pH causes long term damage to your pool and equipment.Total Alkalinity: Low or high alkalinity levels will result in your pool' pH levels fluctuating making it harder to maintain.We have come out with what we believe to be the best water test strips for accurate and consistent results for finding the main pollutants in your pool water. Finding these pollutants in your spa means you can treat your water and have a clearer mind knowing that you and your family are safe in the water.Amazon buyers worldwide trust our brand. We already have hundreds of happy customers. You also get a LIFETIME money back guarantee on all products manufactured and sold by JNW Direct when you order today.But hurry, We cannot guarantee this special launch price for much longer! We are also only including the bonus e book titled "Information you need to know about your pool water" for a limited time. Click "Add to Cart" now to get peace of mind.
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Blue Wave NE6151B Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools,1 HP

Blue Wave NE6151B Maxi Replacement Pump for Above Ground Pools - 1 HP
Same quality as Hayward, Sta-Rite and Pentair, with dual port dishcharge! These powerful Maxi Replacement Pumps for Above Ground pools feature corrosion proof polymer construction that will deliver years of reliable service. This high performance pump is quiet, efficient and self priming. Top (vertical) discharge design fits most filters and the extra large clear lid allows for easy cleaning. Replace your old inefficient pump with this water moving dynamo. Comes with 6-ft cord—110v. Available in two sizes: 1 HP or 1.5 HP pumps Bullet feature 1 (optional) : Durable polymer construction that resists corrosion; Same quality as Hayward, Sta-Rite and Pentair
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Pentair 011772 WhisperFlo High Performance Standard Efficiency Single Sp

Pentair 011772 WhisperFlo High Performance Standard Efficiency Single Speed Up Rated Pool Pump - 1 Horsepower - 115 230 Volt - 1 Phase
The Pentair WhisperFlo Uprated pump delivers maximum circulation efficiency at the lowest operating cost, and long, trouble free life with minimal maintenance. Built with legendary hydraulic design for pools and pool and spa combinations, this pump is whisper-quiet, self-priming, and built to last. The Whisperflo Advanced FunnelFlo diffuser and high efficiency impeller maximize flow and reduce noise while the energy efficient motor with commercial-grade frame, rustproof stainless steel shaft, and permanently lubricated, sealed bearings uses less horsepower to produce the required flow. This pump is built with a thermoplastic housing to withstand extreme heat and resist corrosion and has heavy-duty threading for dependable worry-free connections. Its cam and ramp 1/4 turn lid makes cleaning simple and fast while an oversized strainer basket extends time between cleanings.
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Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool, 44 x 36 x 28.5 Inches

Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool - 44 x 36 x 28.5 Inches
It's hard to resist an adorable smiling giraffe! Laugh and play as you make a splash in the Smiley Giraffe Baby Pool by Intex. This cute baby pool includes two colorful inflatable rings and two dangling noise makers to play with. Age grade: 1-3 years. Approximate inflated size: 44" x 36" x 28.5". Water capacity: 14 gallons (4" of wall height). Includes: Two inflatable dangling noise makers. Two inflatable rings. Repair patch.
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Pool Mate 1-3744 Air Pillow for Above Ground Pool, 4' x 4'

Pool Mate 1-3744 Air Pillow for Above Ground Pool - 4' x 4'
The Pool Mate Deluxe Winterizing Air Pillow absorbs stress created by ice building up in your pool. As ice expands in your pool the pressure created is exerted onto the pillow instead of the walls of your pool. Ice equalizer pillows are an essential way to protect your pool during the winter. The pillow will pop before the ice damages your pool. Ice Equalizer pillows also reduce the build-up of rain water, leaves and snow on your winter cover. All you have to do is inflate the pillow and place it under your cover during the winter months. Do not overfill the pillow with air, as this can cause the valve to pop out during the winter months (1/2 to 3/4 full is recommended). Smaller equalizer pillows are recommended for round pools and larger equalizer pillows are recommended for oval pools. Using additional pillows will protect your pool if one fails. Using additional pillows may require a larger than expected pool cover size.
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Kem-Tek 177 1-Inch Chlorinating Tablets for Pool and Spa, 4-Pound

Kem-Tek 177 1-Inch Chlorinating Tablets for Pool and Spa - 4-Pound
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